Organizer: Via Expo

Еvent Partner: BGFMA


The event will help the community to better understand the necessity of the integration of economically-driven and environmentally-friendly technologies in the urban and energy systems.

Taking place from 11 to 13 March 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria, it provides good opportunities for the sustainable businesses to develop in the Region through promotion of various newfound innovations and encouragement of networking between local stakeholders and foreign investors.

The exhibition scope includes: ICT, building management systems (BMS), building automation systems (BAS), telephony & CATV, urban planning,mobility, emergency and security, energy efficient solutions for HVAC, lighting, low-energy buildingsrenewable energy, energy storage, smart grids, etc. A group participation of companies from Austria, Norway and Switzerland is expected.


Representatives from renowned institutions and associations from eight countries will share their know-how and best practices. Nearly zero energy districts (nZED), district heating and cooling, the role of insulations for improvement energy efficiency in buildings, renewable energy storage, intelligent transport, etc. will be among the discussed topics.


Brochure  Post Event Report 2014

Parallel Events: ‘Save the Planet’ (waste management) and ‘Save the Life’ (emergency, rescue- and safety control)

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