Yesterday, 30 September, was held a regular general meeting of the Board of Directors of the Association. Due to the fact that the mandate of the former Board expired, an election was put on the agenda. The meeting began with a report in the activities of the previous period which was fully accepted by the members, attending the General meeting. After that there was a voting to dismiss the Board of directors and electing a new one. During the discussion was decided that from now on the Board will consist of 9 members (until now they were 7).


After a secret vote the seven members of the previous Board were reelected. That was a proof for the quality of their management and important for the confidence of the members the obviously enjoy.  The other two, new, members of the Board are Tosho Kirov and Gerasim Mihaylov.

The new Board of Directors:

1.Tosho Kirov – chairman – Simacek Bulgaria

2.Mariela Benovska – vice-chairman – Alfa Property Management

3.Goran Milanov – vice-chairman – Nemetschek Bulgaria

4.Bisera Ivanova – Facility Optimum

5.Lora Vlahova – Interpred WTC

6.Vladimir Solakov – First Facility

7.Valeri Leviev – Elta consult

8.Nikola Ignatoff – Tishman management

9.Gerasim Mihaylov – Transcapital

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