EFMC 2018

Date is out now for the EFMC 2018! June 5 till 8 2018 you are welcome in the beautiful capital of mystical Bulgaria, Sofia! Be ready for a transcending experience at a next level organized Facilities Management conference!

Once upon a time in Facility Management land…

In the same way as fairy tales have influenced our lives, a rapidly changing world is shaping a new FM discipline. IoT, trends in technology and security even climate change, are driving us towards an entirely new demand. But this impression is fully reciprocal, and good FM can dramatically impact global sustainability, people’s well-being, or future urban planning, helping to create a better world. Selected story tellers will take a modern approach towards this mutual influence in a state-of-the-art venue, where an immersive experience will leave no one indifferent.

Visit the EFMC 2018 and let yourself be surprised! More about the program to come.


*Text: EURO FM