EURO FM Ambassador

Amsterdam, October 9th 2017 EuroFM launches the Ambassador program – Facility Management (FM) professionals known for accomplishments and involvement with the FM profession worldwide and support and disseminate EuroFM initiatives and activities.

Having 53 countries present at the European Facility Management Conference 2017 in Madrid, the EuroFM community nowadays shows to have grown into a globally active FM network. Keeping the momentum going EuroFM launches a selection of dedicated FM professionals to help support EuroFM activities maintaining the FM network on an international level.

With the ambition to have global representation of EuroFM Ambassadors, it is the aim to find support for the development of FM internationally. “The Ambassador program makes the ‘added value’ of our profession more visible and the results of our work will have a higher impact,” says Goran Milanov, vicechair of EuroFM. “Supporting global sustainable developments, launching FM projects and initiatives in the FM industry, I am proud  to announce the EuroFM Ambassador program. All appointed EuroFM Ambassadors I wish a never-ending enthusiasm and all the success, to bring the FM industry to a next level!”

During the EuroFM General Members Meeting in Heerlen October 6th 2017 the first EuroFM Ambassadors have been appointed. For Brazil: Luciano S. Brunherotto.  For Malaysia: Arivagara Pavithran. For Portugal: Miguel Alves Agostinho. For Spain: David Martinez. For Switzerland: Susanna Caravatti-Felchlin. For the coming period in different countries, not only in Europe, but worldwide EuroFM will appoint ambassadors.

For a period of two years, appointed EuroFM Ambassadors will increase the EuroFM reach to establish an internationally communicating and recognized expertise community of FM professionals. The EuroFM Ambassador will be the‘ hands, ears and eyes’ for the network.

The title of EuroFM Ambassador is conferred on individuals in recognition of their potential contribution to the mission and objectives of EuroFM and the enhancement of the FM profession in general. In order to be nominated as an EuroFM Ambassador, candidates are recognized FM professionals in practice, research or education. An Ambassador will disseminate, introduce and inform about the EuroFM network and the FM industry in the country where appointed and professionally active.
For contact and more information about the EuroFM Ambassador program, questions can be directed to:

Watch Luciano Brunherotto from Abrafac, Brazil on EuroFM YouTube: newly appointed EuroFM Ambassador!