The Bulgarian Facility Management Association in cooperation with WIFI Bulgaria organized and hosted an information event to present the results of a pilot online training carried out through the only platform in Bulgaria and Europe for distance and self-direct training in the field of facility management, as well as the results of WIFI Facility Management Academy, a project funded under the Erasmus Plus Programme. The event was held on June 27th, 2017, at 10a.m. at Central Park Hotel Sofia.

Speakers at the event were: Vania Milanova, Project Cooridnator at WIFI Bulgaria, Tosho Kirov, co-founder of BGFMA and Tutor at WIFI FMA, Herbert Stemper, Key Account Manager at WIFI International, Zoran Djurdjevic, Manager at KALA Consulting Serbia, and Andras Bajai, FM Trainer at WIFI Hungary.

Deyan Kavrykov, Vice Chairman of BGFMA and Certified Trainer at WIFI Bulgaria presented the newly published international standards ISO 41011 and ISO 41012.

Among the international guests that participated in the event was Mr. Jozsef Czerny, Chairman of the Hungarian FM Association (HFMS), Mrs. Roxana Bodo, Vice Chair of the Romanian FM Association (ROFMA) and Mr. David Martinez, Global Director of CIFMERS.

The online platform may be used for free until 31 August this year.





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