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Facility Manager, this will give you Energy!

BGFMA: Expertise and dedication in FM

Business models for optimum FM support for office workers in the future

Risk management and compliance within FM and real estate management

Sustainable facility leadership: People first!

Change management is out! Personal leadership is in!

Leadership is quality driver-Embedded in facility management education

Facility Management and Outsourcing

Redefining Executive View of Facility Management

Restrooms- a challange for Facility Managers

Added value of FM in the building whole life process

Added value of FM-a critical research

BIM and FM research

How can FM add to value to organizations and society

How can FM create value to organizations

Identity and image of FM

Impact on workplace change on productivity ans satisfaction

Facility Management Education Across the Atlantic

Facility Management Education Across the Atlantic- research 3

Facility Management Education Across the Atlantic research 4

Managing the workplace in a generalized world

Most important aspects of the work environment

Sustainable Fm through BIM

The added value of FM- a European perspective

The added value of FM- different research perspectives

Workspace for 2020- business models for optimum FM support

Facility and property management – find the differences or the Points of Convergence

Performance Management in Facility Management. Top Key Performance Indicators in FM

Asset vs. Facility Management – Spot the Difference – Comparative Analysis of Professional Identity and Functions

Professional management in healthcare

Facility Management International Standard ISO 41011, 41012 & 41013, Review and Perspectives 

4 Common Mistakes With LEDs

Embracing a Culture of Professional Development

How Apartment Renovations Can Improve ROI

Lighting Research Finds Morning Light Lowers Stress at Work

Second Chances with Shopping Centers

EBRD growth forecasts revised up sharply for 2017

5 Traits of High Performing CRE Managers

Professional Asset Management in Healthcare

Research papers for EFMC’2017 Madrid



Smart & Green Business Camp 2019

Industrial waste recycling case in St. Petersburg, Russia, Alexey Grinchenko, EUROFM Ambassador

The importance of Facility management during the phases of design & construction of a building, Levent Alatli, TRFMA

Results from a Research held by BGFMA: Facility Management Business in Bulgaria

 Video presentations EFMC’2018 Sofia

 IV FM Forum, 19 April 2018, Stara Zagora

Anna Douneva, FM solutions for effective management and cost optimization

Nikola Marinov, Synergy between operations and project management (Renovation of Stara Zagora Shopping Centre)

Bozhidar Zahariev, The Role of FM in office buildings with choosing a new Headquarters

Dimitar Georgiev, Smart management of processes, solutions for energy management and automatization

12th International FM Conference, Sofia 19-20 October 2017

Kunibert Lennerts: Hi-tech in FM

Florian Stetter: Turn Inside Out

WIFI AFM Final Conference, Sofia, 27 June

Deyan Kavrakov: International Standards for FM ISO 410011 and ISO 41012

Third Facility Management Forum, 14 June, Burgas

Stanimir Stoykov: FM on a parking area

Kalina Chengelieva: Successful practices in Smart Centre

Miroslav Nekeziev: Renovation of a Shopping Centre

Nikola Ignatoff: The FM effect on the corporate targets and the working place

Patar Tasheff: The added value of FM

Bernstein: Internet of things in FM

11th International FM Conference, Sofia, 20-21 October 2016

Ron van der Weerd: FacilityManagement – A profession for the end user

Kunibert Lennerts: Facility management trends and innovations in Europe

Norbert Bierbaum: Restructuring Technical Services

EI for FM National Workshop, Sofia 21 January 2016

EI for FM- Enrico Libera presentation

EU FRAMEWORK_Information and consultaion rights in Europe

Second Facility Management Forum, 14 June 2016, Plovdid, Bulgaria

Emil Atanasov, Investments portfolio management

Simona Parvanova, Shopping Centres Management- specifics

Vlado Qnkov, Innovations in FM

10th international conference “Facility management: Realization in Bulgaria” 22-23.10.2015, Interpred WTC Sofia, Bulgaria

1. How BIM leads to effective Facility Mangement

2. Building Effectiveness

3. Condominium management – Challenges and solutions

FM Innovation Forum , 01.10.2015, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Maintenance of Assets in Facility Management

9th international conference “Facility management: Realization in Bulgaria” 23-24.10.2014, Holiday Inn, Sofia, Bulgria

1. FM Market Survey in Bulgaria

2. Optimizing FM Processes in Large Companies

3. Facility Management: Budgeting and Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

4. Increasing the Energy Efficiency through renovation of fittings

5. Building Effectiveness

6. FM Sustainability through Legal Framework and service charge

7. Condominium management – Bulgaria vs  Italy