SHEERenov  – Seamless Services for Housing Energy Efficiency and Renovation, objective is to develop and test a model for the provision of integrated residential renovation services on the territory of Sofia in Bulgaria. The implementation of this project will support the Bulgarian Government’s intended transition from the current multifamily buildings energy efficiency renovation model, financed fully from public resources and administered entirely by public institutions, to a market oriented model. Based on analysis of barriers and identified needs, enabling conditions will be created to attract and facilitate participation of relevant market stakeholders and players in the process of energy efficiency renovation in the residential sector: i.e.: homeowners, business, financial sector.

The project will contribute to the achievement of multi-dimensional impacts in terms of creating a new system to provide integrated home renovation services with highly standardized and optimized procedures: (1) A “one stop shop” assistance to homeowners, allocated at the private business and their alliances sustainably ensured for the future through regulations and capacity building activities; (2) A three components sustainable financial mechanism to facilitate loans access, conditional subsidy receipt and targeted support to insolvents; (3) Municipal policies regarding newly assigned roles in the process of residential buildings renovation.

The sustainability of SHEERenov results will be ensured through policy recommendations, communication, exploitation and dissemination activities and intended policy change regarding multifamily building renovation in Bulgaria.


The Project SHEERenov- Seamless Services for Housing Energy Efficiency Renovation, H2020-LC-SC3-EE-2019, has officially started on 1st June 2020. It is financed by Horizon 2020 and has a duration of 28 months.

The Consortium of Partners includes:

Cleantech Bulgaria – Project Coordinator

Bulgarian Facility Management Association– Partner

Bulgarian Austrian Consultancy Company – Partner

Sofia Municipality – Partner

Ministry of  Regional Development and Public Works – Partner



The Project kick off meeting took place on 2 and 3 of July.

For more information please visit SHEERenov website.