The new association is aimed at proponing the benefits of green roofs for both energy efficiency and sustainability. It will also represent and protect the interests of its members in order to create a good environment for the development of the sector.


Among the founders are: SIMACEK Gardening RO, SIMACEK Gardening BG, arch. Georgi Kolarov – presidenot of BGBC(Bulgarian Green Building Council), landscape architect Veselin Rangelov, Cenka Kuneva.


“Lawns are floors, assimilated again from the nature in or more and more populated and polluted cities. Built correctly, green roofs could improve the microclimate in buildings, providing sound and thermo isolation. Generally they facilitate the reduction of pollution in the cities, which enables us to breathe a cleaner air. We, being an association, would like to encourage the construction of as many as possible green roofs in Bulgaria. At the same time we want to be sure that all the companies in our branch measure up to international quality standards.” – says Thomas Emerling, chairman of  the new association.


On May 17, the newly created Bulgarian Green Roofs Construction Association launched its activity with a presentation of DIADEM systems. The official presentation consisted of systems for green roofs, workshop and discussions.


What actually is a green roof?


There are many types of green roofs. The simplest are sloping, planted with different types of greenery, adapted to the area. A green roof, built on a terrace or other horizontal floor, could be used as an urban area, with access for citizens, pedestrians, as a garden or a playground. Green roofs are friendly to every kind of buildings – residential, office, industrial.


Choosing green roofs, owners could benefit from a better sound and thermo-isolation. Also, American experts have calculated that the consumption of energy under the last level reduces to 50%.


Green roofs contribute to reduction of pollution, for plants have the ability to hold dust, and, in contrast to the regular roofs, they do not reflect sunlight.


In areas, where sewerage could not handle a storm, green roofs could be e reasonable decision. Plants have natural system to hold water and thus it is absorbed gradually by the system of drains without the risk of clogging. 

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